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Land Use Lawyer California

Land Use Lawyer California A land use lawyer California residents trust is often one’s biggest asset when facing a land use or development challenge. The premier legal team at Kassouni Law offers comprehensive solutions to issues pertaining to all aspects of land development. We are well aware that unanticipated issues can arise in real estate… Read more »

Does Justice Thomas Still Believe In Private Property Rights?

  There are few constitutional rights more established than the right to own private property. Historically, there have been few Supreme Court justices that property law attorneys can rely on to consistently protect that right more than Justice Clarence Thomas. Yet, in the past six months Justice Thomas has released two opinions that should make… Read more »

Landgate Overturned with Lockaway v. County of Alameda

On May 9, 2013, the California Court of Appeals overturned Landgate v. California Coastal Commission, a longstanding ruling which protected the California Coastal Commission and all other California government agencies from liability for project and development delays. Lockaway now affords Californians additional Constitutional property rights protections, in that, government agencies may now be held liable for arbitrary… Read more »


On May 9, 2013, Kassouni Law overturned Landgate v. California Coastal Commission by asking the Court to decide on Lockaway v. County of Alameda. The Coastal Commission lawyers and land use lawyers at Kassouni Law recognized Landgate gave the California Coastal Commission and all other California government agencies unbounded authority to arbitrarily delay property development… Read more »

Timothy Kassouni Chosen as Expert Land Use Lawyer Seminar Speaker

Land Use & Regulatory Takings Seminar: August 19, 2013 4-5 pm EST Owner and Managing partner at Kassouni Law, Timothy Kassouni has been chosen to speak for Law Seminars International on the topic of Land Use Law and Regulatory Takings. To register for the Regulatory Takings Seminar click here. A Synopsis of the Speaking Engagement:… Read more »

The Ripeness Doctrine—A Brief Primer

“This article discusses another vitally important procedural requirement which property owners must satisfy before their property rights claim may be heard by the courts.  This is a requirement called “ripeness.”  In short, the “ripeness doctrine” means that the government must have reached a final determination of the allowable use of property before a claim will… Read more »

After Decades of Abuse – The Challenge to Restore Property Rights in California

By Ronald A. Zumbrun and Timothy V. Kassouni; Published by Sacramento’s Daily Recorder September 10, 2007, Published by the San Francisco Daily Journal as Combating Takings October 10, 2007 Since 1993, California planning department officials have relied on the State’s “Landgate” decision for providing them confidence that they and their employers are immune from claims… Read more »