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Environmental Law

Environmental LawyersThe Environmental Law Practice at Kassouni law exclusively represents commercial business and private clients who have experienced an infringement on their property rights due to environmental and government over-regulation.

The Sacramento and Los Angeles environmental lawyers at Kassouni Law understand that environmental regulations are necessary and vital for the health and safety of all citizens. However, our attorneys believe that one person or business should not have to shoulder the burden for all. Further, their experience in representing clients in the environmental field, gives the lawyers the understanding that environmental over-regulation often prevents free enterprise and the economy from thriving. It is from this viewpoint that our dedicated environmental attorneys represent their clients.

There are many complex state and federal environmental laws which can affect virtually any home and business owner in the country, including the California Coastal Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act.

The environmental lawyers at Kassouni Law have experience in the realm of California Environmental Quality Act law otherwise known as CEQA. In California, most development and land planning requires government approval, and few projects are exempt from CEQA. Further, CEQA grants state and local regulatory agencies considerable authority and power over development projects and growth control -a power that can only be checked through court intervention and legislation.

Another area of practice for the environmental lawyers is water law. Water is the most precious natural resource on earth, and is the source of many conflicts between the private and public sector. Disputes can also arise between private parties over water entitlements, particularly the use of water from streams, lakes, and ponds (surface use), and the use of water underground (subsurface use). Within the last several decades, tensions have increased between the needs of domestic and agricultural users, and the protection of animal species, such as the delta salmon.

Another area of environmental law our attorneys are devoted to is EPA over-regulation. Over the years, the tension between the EPA and private property rights has escalated. Surprisingly, the EPA has been know to exert its authority over families who merely wish to build a home.

Another area of law our environmental attorneys view as having escalated in tension is that of growth control and growth control regulations.

Finally, the environmental attorneys at Kassouni Law aggressively advocate for clients facing issues with the California Coastal Commission. The California Coastal Commission is one of the government’s most powerful regulating entities, and has jurisdiction along the California coastline. The Coastal Commission and the [gs Coastal Act] were created in 1976 for the purpose of preserving the beauty of the California coastline. Few people realize, however, that the Coastal Commission is continually seeking to expand its jurisdiction, and power.

The environmental attorneys practice within the above referenced legal areas, but are not limited to these specific environmental fields.

If you are planning a business expansion or residential or commercial development, and are experiencing challenges with the government over environmental issues and regulations, please call the Los Angeles and Sacramento environmental lawyers at Kassouni Law 877-770-7379, we will honestly assess your legal matter and help you develop a plan of legal action to obtain positive results.

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