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Easement Lawyer California

Easement Lawyer California

How to Get an Easement Agreement for Landlocked Property

Easement Lawyer CaliforniaProperty that can only be reached by traveling across or through someone else’s property is considered “landlocked” and an easement lawyer California trusts knows can quickly turn into a legal situation. Dealing with a landlocked issue can often become litigious because one person has to essentially trespass through another’s property to access the area.

If you are the owner of a landlocked area of land, you may be asking yourself if there’s a way to resolve the arrangement so both parties are satisfied. We are happy to tell you that there is a potential solution, and that is by establishing a property easement. Please read on for more information and contact our office to speak with a California easement lawyer: 

Seeking a Property Easement

To avoid “trespassing” on someone else’s land to get to an area of yours, you will want to seek an easement agreement so that you can travel back and forth as needed. There are different kinds of easement agreements, depending on the intention for which they are granted.

If an easement isn’t already established, we may suggest contacting the Sacramento or Los Angeles government office and inquire about obtaining one. There likely will be paperwork that you must file for the easement, including documentation of your property ownership and where the boundary lines divide.

An easement lawyer in California at Kassouni Law can review your paperwork before submitting it to the court. They’ll be able to advise you if there are any errors or ways you can more strongly present your stance for needing the easement. Upon the easement being granted, the court will also inform the owner of the other property. 

Talking With Your Neighbor

If you want to keep the peace between you and your neighbor, then you can reach out to the property owner directly and collaborate on how to create an easement agreement that works for both of you. If this is the case, then we advise having an attorney at Kassouni Law read the contract before signing. In many cases, property easements will be granted if both property owners created an agreement amongst themselves and then submitted it to the court. 

Neither Neighbor Is At Fault

It’s important to note that property easements don’t have to be about hostility and disagreements. However, if it’s come to the point where this is a tense issue between you and your neighbor, then we can help mediate the situation. An easement lawyer California knows is experienced in this matter can be a vital resource. Sometimes, properties are designed awkwardly and it isn’t the fault of either neighbor. Whoever built the properties originally simply divided the land without factoring in having to cross into another person’s land to reach their home. 

We understand that it can feel uncomfortable crossing into your neighbor’s property, especially by necessity. We can help alleviate the situation through offering insight and guidance as it is being resolved. An attorney at Kassouni Law can answer any questions you have about whether your circumstances warrant an easement, and how to obtain one. Contact us today for more information and speak to a California easement lawyer.