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To succeed in business, it is necessary to build and maintain healthy working relationships with others; however, at times disagreements will inevitably occur. In many cases disputes can be resolved effectively and efficiently without resorting to legal actions; however, you must always be prepared to protect your rights. When a dispute arises, it is best to consult with a trusted attorney as soon as possible because it is essential to know and understand your rights, and the various options that you might have, including those that don’t involve litigation.

The most common business dispute occurs when someone fails to satisfy their contractual obligations; however, another common dispute occurs when someone takes an action to interfere with your business affairs. California law not only protects your contractual rights against those who are parties to your contracts, but also protects you against interference from outside parties. If someone is attempting to induce your customers, clients or other business partners to breach their contractual agreements, you should immediately consult with an business lawyer in Sacramento to review your options. If they succeed in inducing a breach, you may then have recourse under the law.

In some cases, you may even have recourse if someone disrupts your business relationship with a prospective customer, client or business partner. This might occur in any number of different ways. For example, if an individual knows that you have an ongoing relationship with a client or another business, you might have a claim against them if they act to intentionally interfere with that relationship. In some extreme cases, individuals may even seek to interfere with your business affairs by taking hostile actions which may violate your property rights, or injure your company’s good name. In these situations it is particularly important to take action to protect your rights, to secure your business relationships and to preserve your reputation.

Unfortunately disputes also arise on occasion between business partners, officers, and investors. In many cases, these disputes can be preempted by working with an experienced business attorney when you begin a business venture to ensure that expectations and potential issues are addressed up-front. It is important not only to ensure that you are structuring your business in a sound manner for tax purposes, but also to ensure that you are avoiding unnecessary liabilities, including potential conflicts between investors or stakeholders.

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Another common problem arises when officers or agents take actions, which may not be in the best interest of the business. In some cases your employees or officers may be acting without authorization, or in a manner that creates unwanted liabilities. In other cases, they may be engaged in other ventures, which may raise a conflict of interest. It is essential to contact a trusted attorney as soon as such issues arise.

Finally, business disputes can arise in innumerable other contexts as well. If you believe that someone has engaged in unfair business practices—whether in committing acts of fraud, engaging in anti-competitive conduct, infringing upon your intellectual property, or otherwise impairing your rights—you should not hesitate to seek out legal advice. The experienced business attorneys at Kassouni Law are prepared to give you the advice you need to help resolve your disputes in the most cost-effective manner possible, and to enforce your rights in court if necessary.

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