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Los Angeles Constitutional Property Rights LawyerConstitutional Property Rights

Kassouni Law was founded on the belief that Constitutional property rights and personal freedom are intertwined. The preeminent property rights lawyers practice defense of this freedom on behalf of clients throughout the state of California. Kassouni Law attorneys have facilitated the setting of legal victory property precedents throughout the state and nation. For an honest assessment of your legal case, consider calling the Sacramento, CA  Lawyers and Los Angeles attorneys at Kassouni Law (877) 770-7379. Within the realm of Constitutional Property Rights, our attorneys focus on Property Rights, Fifth Amendment Takings, land use law, CEQA Law, Water Law, EPA Issues, Zoning, Development, Eminent Domain, Inverse Condemnation, and Growth Control matters.

Los Angeles Appeals LawyerAppeals

Our appeal practice approach is simple: dedication to superlative writing.  The Sacramento and Los Angeles appellate lawyers at Kassouni Law, recognize that appeal cases are often won or lost based on the legal briefs submitted to court by both sides. Very little time is spent in court.

Therefore, when selecting your appellate lawyer, find an attorney with unsurpassed writing skills and a thorough understanding of applicable law. Call the Sacramento, CA  lawyers and Los Angeles appellate lawyers at Kassouni Law for an honest and strategic analysis of your case by speaking with our appellate team (877) 770-7379 .

Los Angeles Constitutional LawyerConstitutional Law

Fervent advocates of defending client’s Constitutional rights, the Constitutional lawyers at Kassouni Law meet with clients to determine the best plan of action. Contact our Constitutional lawyers by calling (877) 770-7379.

Sacramento Civil Rights LawyerCivil Rights

Kassouni Law represents clients on a wide variety of civil rights and Constitutional matters. The firm represents clients who have had their civil rights violated. The United States rightly prides itself on the Constitutional and statutory protection of basic civil liberties. These include freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and the entitlement to just compensation for a taking of private property. In 1964, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act. Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act was designed to grant individuals a private cause of action for violation of civil liberties. These claims can be brought against local counties and cities, as well as individual government employees.  If you wish to have your rights assessed, call the Sacramento, CA  Lawyers and the Los Angeles attorneys at Kassouni Law at (877) 770-7379.

Los Angeles Constitutional Property Rights LawyerLand Use Law

Land Use attorney Timothy Kassouni brings over 20 years of Constitutional property rights to the table when he sits down to develop strategic legal plans for his clients. The Los Angeles and Sacramento land use practice at Kassouni Law includes, but is not limited to, takings, inverse condemnation, eminent domain, easement, trespass, permitting, zoning, and development. Kassouni Law lawyers have been involved in many seminal Constitutional property rights legal matters which have led to the setting of legal precedents throughout California and the nation. For an honest assessment of your land use matter, contact the Sacramento lawyers and Los Angeles attorneys at (877) 770-7379.

Los Angeles Environmental LawyerEnvironmental Law

Complex environmental regulations affect virtually every home and business owner in the country. While the environmental practice at Kassouni Law recognizes the importance of protecting the environment from truly harmful conduct, our attorneys soley represent clients who are experiencing government over-regulation at the expense of personal freedom and private enterprise. To develop a legal plan of action, call (877) 770-7379.

Los Angeles Business LawyerBusiness Law

The business lawyers focus on contracts and breach of contract disputes. Our paramount goal when advising business clients from the start is clearly written contract language. This is paramount in avoiding court and the eventuality of litigation. But should the need arise, our business attorneys have extensive experience in litigating complex business matters. If you have a contract question or are considering litigation regarding a business dispute give our Sacramento lawyers a call for a legal evaluation (877) 770-7379.

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Sacramento Real Estate LawyerReal Estate Law

The experienced real estate attorneys at Kassouni Law skillfully manage cases in the court room. However, our attorneys have found, working on behalf of their clients to settle matters out of court is often the most cost-effective approach. The client’s best interest informs all that we do at Kassouni Law and the real estate lawyers tailor each legal strategy specific to our client’s needs. To have your real estate legal matter evaluated by an attorney, please give the Sacramento, CA laywers at Kassouni Law a call at (877) 770-7379.

Sacramento Construction LawyerConstruction Law

The Construction attorneys manage both construction defect claims and represent clients experiencing difficulty developing land. Filing a claim against a developer for faulty construction or dealing with a governmental entity that is blocking development of private land, can seem daunting. The seasoned construction attorneys at Kassouni Law guide clients through this process, and have recovered substantial sums for clients. Please call our Sacramento and Los Angeles construction attorneys to legally posture your case (877) 770-7379.

Los Angeles Writs & Injunctions LawyerWrits & Injunctions

In specific legal situations, the lawyers at Kassouni Law utilize writs and injunctions to gain immediate court orders to protect clients from irreparable harm. If you are interested in utilizing this legal remedy please give our Sacramento lawyers and Los Angeles appellate lawyers a call for a legal evaluation (877) 770-7379.