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The lawyers at Kassouni Law bring over twenty-five years of combined experience to their clients throughout the state of California. There have been many favorable results including the setting of legal precedents. Below please find some of the cases our attorneys are particularly proud of:

Lockaway Storage v. County of Alameda

Changed California law to give property owners additional protection: In a precedent setting case, Timothy Kassouni successfully argued an inverse condemnation claim at trial on behalf of Lockaway Storage against the County of Alameda and its building and planning departments. The Trial and Appellate Courts found the County of Alameda liable for a taking of property without just compensation on the theory of inverse condemnation. Further, the Court found the County of Alameda had acted arbitrarily in the denial of building permits for construction of a storage facility. The Court awarded Lockaway over $2 million in compensatory damages, interest, and attorney fees.  The decision overturned Landgate, giving Californians additional Constitutional property rights and protections, holding the government liable for damages when government agencies cause arbitrary delays.

Orthalliance Litigation

Invalidated a non-competition covenant which illegally restricted the free trade of orthodontists. This was the catalyst for a multi-million nationwide settlement against a publicly traded corporation.

Norris v. Witter

Preserved the rights of private property owners in Topanga Canyon, California, with the court finding that trespass onto private property for the purpose of obtaining evidence of an alleged Coastal Act violation, is not protected speech. The defendant’s anti-slapp motion was denied.

Beverly Towers Inc. v. City of West Hollywood

Appeared before the California Supreme Court in oral argument and amicus curiae briefing. The ruling precluded local governments from enforcing condominium conversion regulations after discretionary approvals had already been granted, preserving the private property rights of Beverly Towers, Incorporated.

Construction Defect Litigation

Represented over 75 home owners in construction defect actions in Orange County, California, generating multi-million dollar settlements.

Subsurface Rights

Preserved the private use of subsurface oil and gas rights in a parcel of land otherwise subject to a conservation easement.

Constitutional Property Rights

Successfully defended Riverside County private property owner from government claim of illegal grading. The government’s notice of violation was expunged and the case dropped after briefing in the trial court.

Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council

Amicus curiae brief in the South Carolina Supreme Court, and subsequent amicus curiae brief in support of the petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. Certiorari was granted, leading to an important 5th amendment taking clause ruling in favor of the property owner.