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Water Law

If you have any water related issue that you need analyzed and resolved, please call the Sacramento and Los Angeles offices of Kassouni Law at 877-770-7379. Our experienced water resource lawyers serve clients throughout California, and welcome the opportunity to assist you in forming a comprehensive and effective plan of action based on California water use regulations.

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Water is the most precious natural resource on earth, and is the source of many conflicts between the private and public sector. Disputes can also arise between private parties over water entitlements, particularly the use of water from streams, lakes, and ponds (surface use), and the use of water underground (subsurface use).

All water in California is owned collectively by the people. The State itself is the title holder, but this title is held in trust for the benefit of the citizens of California. These citizens are entitled to the reasonable use of water for myriad needs, including agricultural and domestic use.

Within the last several decades, tension has increased between the needs of agricultural producers and the needs of domestic users. In addition, tensions have increased between the needs of domestic and agricultural users, and the protection of animal species, such as the delta salmon.

When private property abuts a stream, lake, or pond, the owner of that property is said to have a riparian right of use of water for the benefit of the abutting land. Riparian rights of use are very important and economically valuable because the property owner need not seek government permit approval prior to use.

In some instances, a property may divert the water in a stream, lake, or pond for beneficial use of property that is not riparian. In this circumstance, the property owner must obtain a permit after notice to the public. This is called an appropriative water right.

Water rights are also extremely important for ranchers, who often graze cattle on public land leased by the federal Department of the Interior, and utilize water rights issued by the State Water Resources Control Board for that purpose.

There are several regulatory agencies in California with jurisdiction over permits and California water use regulations. These include the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Water Resources, and the California Water Commission.

The attorneys at Kassouni Law serve clients throughout the state of California with headquarter offices in Sacramento and satellite offices in Los Angeles. Our water resources lawyers offer comprehensive client service in all areas of water law. Characteristic examples of our water law practice include: Evaluation of a property owner’s existing and prospective water rights, including surface and subsurface rights, riparian and appropriative rights, and prescriptive rights based on prior use; preparation and evaluation of grazing leases and related base property water issues for ranchers; administrative law practice related to water rights issues, including disputes with the California State Water Resources Control Board and the federal Bureau of Land Management; and representation of property owners before local, state, and federal regulatory bodies.

If you have any water law related issues, please contact the Sacramento and Los Angeles satellite offices of Kassouni Law at 877-770-7379. We will be pleased to assess your rights and remedies and help you form a strategic plan of action to obtain positive results.