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Appellate Lawyer Sacramento, CA

Appellate Lawyer Sacramento, CA

When is a good time to consider investing in NNN lease property?

Appellate Lawyer Sacramento, CAA real estate appellate lawyer in Sacramento, CA will have heard from many clients that if they’re not currently looking for NNN lease property and not selling, are they missing out on attractive opportunities? The answer is that you might indeed be missing out, and as NNN lease advisors, we encourage our clients to contact us periodically to keep us updated with your financial goals. Though you may not always have NNN lease investments in the forefront of your mind, on occasion an opportunity will arise that warrants making it a priority. This proactive approach can help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals sooner rather than later.

Why should I always be open to an NNN lease property option?

A real estate appellate lawyer Sacramento, CA residents trust knows NNN lease property options can potentially significantly increase the investor’s monthly income. In fact, when such a property is an option and will only require a minimum of initial cash outlay, it makes sense to consider it even if you had not anticipated doing so. Kassouni Law can assist you in staying on top of potentially advantageous NNN lease property to avoid missing out. After a review of the investment opportunity, you can then decide if it is of interest to you.

How often should I revisit my existing NNN lease property investments?

Our Sacramento, CA appellate lawyer experienced with real estate say the answer depends on your current portfolio and your future investment goals. Kassouni Law recommends that clients review their NNN lease property investments at least three times a year. Some clients prefer to review their investments monthly while others schedule their review on a quarterly basis. Though an absolute NNN means that you won’t have additional costs or changes in the rent until the lease expires, it’s important to monitor your investments for the following reasons:

  • Financing terms and interest rates – If you have a loan on your NNN lease property, reviewing it periodically may allow you the opportunity to take advantage of more attractive terms or rates. Also, if the tenant has made improvements to the property, this could influence your investment actions.
  • Tenant financial review – When NNN lease property investors require their tenants to provide monthly or quarterly store performance numbers as part of the lease clause, it can provide advanced notice of potential trouble. A real estate appellate lawyer in Sacramento, CA can help when troublesome signs appear.

Should I review my NNN lease property during tax time?

It’s actually best to review in advance of when you will be submitting your financials to your accountant. You want sufficient time to make changes in your portfolio (such as buying or selling NNN lease property) before tax deadlines are looming. Our investment specialists at Kassouni Law are well versed in the tax codes that impact real estate and investment transactions. They can provide you with invaluable guidance as to how an existing or potential NNN lease property may impact your portfolio and tax obligations. Together with your certified tax advisor, you will have a skilled and experienced team supporting you.

Learn more about the advantages of investing in NNN lease property—call a Kassouni Law real estate appellate lawyer in Sacramento, CA today.