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Examples of Construction Defects

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The Sacramento construction defect attorneys at Kassouni Law tirelessly advocate for clients affected by faulty construction. Should you wish to have your legal matter assessed please call our law offices at (877) 770-7379.

Many things can go wrong during the construction process which ultimately affect the value of your property. Examples of construction defects include, but are not limited to the following:

Non-Compliance with Building Codes:

In California, building design in most circumstances is limited to licensed architects and NCIDQ certified designers. When a plan or design is complete, the designer will stamp a set of construction documents, showing that the plans have been reviewed and meet all applicable building codes. Additionally, a structural engineer will review all structural components of the building for code compliance and structural viability; then stamp the construction documents as well. As a licensed architect/designer/engineer, one is responsible for any code violations intrinsic within his/her design.

Geotechnical Building Defects:

Geotechnical Building Defects are most often detected by the appearance of vertical cracks in drywall unspecific to drywall seam location, cracks in the building’s slab, or noticeable sloping in floor substrates. One inexpensive and easy test to detect substrate sloping and the possible presence of a geotechnical issue is the verification of a round object rolling when placed on the floor in question. Often, geotechnical defects become apparent more than two years after construction completion. While the statute of limitations to file a complaint for construction defect is limited to two years after building completion, geotechnical issues are more complex, and the standard statue of limitation may not apply in every circumstance. If you have questions about your particular situation, call an experienced construction defect attorney. Having practiced law for over 20 years, Timothy Kassouni has negotiated multi-million dollar construction defect settlements on behalf of homeowners and homeowner associations throughout the state of California. You can speak with him directly by calling (877) 770-7379.

Moisture Intrusion:

Leaking roofs, windows, improperly installed or faulty siding, and improper design are a few of the things that present problems with moisture intrusion within a building. The insidious problem of moisture intrusion presents difficulties for many owners in two ways. Often, the moisture goes undetected until further damage has been done. For example, improperly installed or faulty siding allows for moisture to sit in the walls between the exterior cladding and the interior drywall. This leaves the posts and beams within the wall to rot or grow mold. Mold can lead to health problems for the building inhabitants. The labor in mold remediation is costly and invasive, often requiring the removal of drywall in the affected locations. Next, if the building owner should choose to list the building for sale, it will be necessary to disclose to potential buyers that the building has or had mold problems, potentially leading to diminished market value. Thus, it is important to select an attorney who has experience with complex legal issues to remedy all aspects of the case: damages, collateral damages, and compensation for health complications.

With over 30 years in combined legal experience, the construction defect attorneys at Kassouni Law will tirelessly advocate for the property rights and compensation of home and commercial building owners throughout the state of California with offices located in Sacramento and satellite offices located in LA. Managing attorney Timothy Kassouni has negotiated the settlement of multi-million dollar construction defect cases on behalf homeowners and homeowner’s associations throughout the state of California. If you have a question about construction defect litigation or have concerns about faulty construction of your property, call Kassouni Law, managing attorney Timothy Kassouni will speak with you personally (877) 770-7379.