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Land Use Lawyer California

Land Use Lawyer California

Land Use Lawyer California

A land use lawyer California residents trust is often one’s biggest asset when facing a land use or development challenge. The premier legal team at Kassouni Law offers comprehensive solutions to issues pertaining to all aspects of land development. We are well aware that unanticipated issues can arise in real estate or land use, which is why you need someone who is knowledgeable and unwavering in pursuing your best interest. Whether you need help at the local, county, state, or federal level, give Kassouni Law to discuss your matter. 

California Land Use Laws 

In California, there are many different laws that apply to land use at the local, state, and federal level. These laws dictate how land in an specified zone can be used for various purposes or structures. By utilizing a lawyer, you can identify any zoning or permit regulations, as well as addressing issues with permits. The firm offers experienced advocacy before city councils, regulatory boards, and commissions on your behalf. When more than advocacy is required, the team has extensive experience litigating complex land use matters in the courtroom.

What a California Land Use Lawyer Does

A lawyer who has knowledge in land use can do many things, at our firm we:

  • Have defended all aspects of private property rights for a diverse array of clients with simple and complex matters
  • Successfully pursue planning board approvals and development permits
  • Litigate eminent domain and inverse condemnation actions
  • Engage in litigation to obtain permits and approvals
  • Prepare detailed legal analysis and strategy for development and redevelopment plans and agreements
  • Advise clients on zoning and possible regulatory issues
  • Represent clients before state agencies
  • Advise clients on various environment issues
  • Provide advocacy and litigation pertaining to easements
  • Protect the right to quiet enjoyment of property

Our lawyers collectively bring years of knowledge and experience, offering a wide breadth of knowledge in land development and use. We are proud to work in a passionate, yet diversified law firm that is equipped to give clients effective, time-saving solutions. 

As a land use lawyer in California might explain to you, it is very rare to find a development that does not face any kind of challenge or hurdle when it comes to complying with government regulations. Whether it is getting the right approvals for a new development project, buying a property, selling a property, expanding current operations, there are strict local, state, and federal environmental laws that may apply. Faced with meeting these requirements, you might find yourself with an overwhelming number of issues, as well as unexpected costs. This is when a California land use lawyer can be beneficial. 

Our firm helps clients to navigate around both complicated and routine issues. For years, we have been helping clients successfully overcome, often difficult (and frequently political) challenges so they can focus on the end goals with confidence and clarity. 

We are ready to offer you our knowledge and experience related to the legal regulatory climate attributed to land use policies. We also provide clients with a practical understanding of issues on the local level, as well as the state and federal level. This may help you to reach your goals while at the same time adhere to land use regulations. 

Other Tasks a Land Use Lawyer Can Do

A land use and zoning lawyer from Kassouni Law can also help you with other concerns regarding real estate. For instance, you may find a lawyer helpful if you are a business owner who needs help garnering the requisite permits for a building project, or if you are a prospective homeowner and not sure whether an easement will impact the peaceful enjoyment of your property. Sometimes you just need insight from a professional who is just as worried about what will be in your best interest as you are. Tasks that a land use lawyer can handle include: 

  • Real estate development disputes
  • Building ordinances
  • Land use ordinances
  • Construction permits
  • Environmental law
  • Construction law
  • Zoning, site plans, signs, and special land use
  • Negotiation in easements
  • Preparing agreements
  • Regulation compliance

Handling Environmental Matters

Environmental matters are often complicated, and tend to involve various statutes, case laws, political matters, and ordinances. Our land use lawyers in California pride ourselves in our ability to stay on top, and ahead of, ever-changing issues. We utilize our knowledge to advance the interests of our clients and work hard to get the results they are looking for. 

When it comes to land use matters, we have the necessary tools to manage and resolve environmental-related issues, including disputes. 

Regulatory Compliance

If you are being accused of non-compliance, turn to our land use lawyers in California to act as your proactive counsel, and even your aggressive defense in the courtroom. We are ready to stand by you with all compliance matters. Some environmental regulations we are familiar with, include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Proposition 65
  • The National Environmental Policy Act
  • The California Environmental Quality Act

Litigation and Land Use

Sometimes, reaching an amicable resolution regarding an environmental issue or land use matter is not possible. In this situation, the case may need to be litigated. We offer top-notch representation for all litigation issues. Our experience includes regulatory takings, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, California Coastal Commission violations, and more. We remain committed to helping every client reach their objectives in a timely manner. If you are looking for help with a land use matter, or you need advice for developing a property or pre-existing structure, please call our land use lawyers in California as soon as possible. 

Who We Work With

Our leading lawyers from Kassouni Law have represented clients exclusively within the private sector, allowing for the avoidance of conflicts of interest – a unique characteristic. Some include well known home builders or commercial developers. Others include private entities who are facing issues within all facets of land development.

Our clients turn to us for help with concerns related to land development and use, industry, and litigation matters. For years we have been developing sound strategies for a number of legal matters, including particularly complex regulatory challenges. When you turn to a lawyer that residents know and respect, such as Kassouni Law, you can expect to be offered sound legal expertise.

Our goal will be to find a practical solution without litigation. However, when litigation is the only option, we provide tenacious, cost-effective legal advocacy at all levels of the court and legal system. 

Our team has forged working relationships with clients from every walk of life across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries, such as:

  • Commercial developers
  • Mixed-use developers
  • Residential developers
  • Homeowners
  • Non-profits

Types of properties that we can assist clients with include, but are not limited to hotels, resorts, manufacturing, office buildings, homes, apartments, utilities, solar farms, automobile dealerships, hospitals, educational facilities, mixed-use property, and so much more. Please don’t hesitate to call us to find out how we can be of support to you.

CEQA Compliance

In California, state and local agencies must identify and analyze the potential environmental impact of any proposed project. This requirement is part of the California Environmental Quality Act, and must be taken into consideration prior to development in some situations. Let a lawyer navigate these strict requirements to ensure your proposed development meets the environmental policies of the state. 

Condemnation in California

A CA land use lawyer can tell you that condemnation is when a federal, state, or local government takes privately-owned property and pays the owner. Eminent domain is the power by which the government is allowed to take private property to be used for public use. The owner of the property can receive payment for the property, however, he does not have to approve the sale of his property. If you have received a notice of eminent domain, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer.

The legal team at Kassouni Law has many years of experience in land use and development litigation. If the government is trying to take your property by eminent domain, you should have someone on your side to ensure your rights are not being violated. A lawyer can research legal precedent, help you find the necessary persuasive evidence, and determine a fair compensation based on past eminent domain cases. 

How Condemnation Works

The government is able to take property to build roads, railroads, schools, or other public use projects. However, it is not commonly known that the government can seize private property for private projects as well. An example of this would be if there is a housing shortage. Government is able to take private property and use it to create apartments and condominiums in order to house more people in that area. Another reason the government can buy private property is if it is viewed as deteriorated. The property can then be purchased by the government without the property owner’s approval. This can seem unfair and a California land use lawyer will be able to help walk you through this often emotional event; advocating for the best possible compensation in this scenario. 

Condemnation Process

All condemnation processes are unique to the situation, however, in general the process works as follows:

  • The government first decides to take the property and then comes up with a fair appraisal of its worth. The government will then offer the owner a payment for the land they want to take. 
  • The owner either accepts or denies the offer. If the owner does not want to sell their property, the government can file court documents to exercise eminent domain. 
  • The courts will schedule a hearing in which the government needs to prove that the offer they presented to the owner is fair and that the property is being taken to be used publicly.
  • The property owner is allowed to defend their property value during the hearing.
  • Once the court makes a decision, either side can appeal. This is also something Kassouni Law can assist with. 

Just Compensation

While the government may be able to take your property for the public good, the Fifth Amendment guarantees your just compensation for the taking. Compensation can be subjective and the government may offer you less than what it’s worth or less than the price of another home on similar land. For this reason, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer on your side. Kassouni Law offers clients an experienced focus in land use and real estate litigation. We will work for fair compensation in your condemnation case. While the government is able to take your private property to use for public use, it is their legal obligation to compensate you fairly for your property. A California land use lawyer will help to ensure that happens. 

Real Estate Projects

Our team at Kassouni Law understands that real estate projects require thoughtful planning, open communication, and a full comprehension of the terms in a contract by all parties involved. By hiring a lawyer, you have someone who can give you insight into local zoing ordinances, building codes, restrictions of land use, natural regulations, water use rights, and more. We can help make it easier for you to obtain permits, licenses, and approvals for your real estate projects.

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