Land Use Lawyer California

Land Use Lawyer California


Land Use Lawyer CaliforniaA land use lawyer California trusts can tell you that condemnation is when a federal, state, or local government seizes privately-owned property and pays the owner. Eminent domain is the power by which the government is allowed to take private property to be used for public use. The owner of the property can receive payment for the property, however, he does not have to approve the sale of his property. If you have received a condemnation notice, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer. The legal team at Kassouni Law has many years of experience in real estate litigation. If the government is trying to take your property by eminent domain, you should have someone on your side to ensure your rights are not being violated. A land use lawyer in California can research legal precedent, help you find the necessary evidence for the court to be on your side, and determine a fair compensation based on past condemnation cases. 

How Condemnation Works

The government is able to take property to build roads, railroads, schools, or other public projects. However, it is not commonly known that the government can seize private property for private projects as well. An example of this would be if there is a housing shortage. Governments would be able to take private property and use it to create apartments and condominiums in order to house more people in that area. Another reason the government can buy private property is if it is viewed as deteriorated. The property can then be purchased by the government without having the property owner’s approval. This can seem unfair and a land use lawyer California believes in will be able to help walk you through this often upsetting event. 

Condemnation Process

All condemnation processes are unique to the situation, however, in general the process works as follows:

  • The government first decides to take the property and then comes up with a fair appraisal of its worth. The government will then offer the owner a payment for the land they want to take. 
  • The owner either accepts or denies the offer. If the owner does not want to sell their property, the government can file court documents to exercise eminent domain. 
  • The courts will schedule a hearing in which the government needs to prove that the offer they presented to the owner is fair and that the property is being taken to be used publicly.
  • The property owner is allowed to defend their property value during the hearing.
  • Once the court makes a decision, either side can appeal. This is also something a Kassouni Law land use lawyer in California can assist with. 

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While the government may be able to take your property for the public good, they do have to compensate you fairly. Compensation can be subjective and the government may offer you less than what it’s worth or less than the price of another home on similar land. For this reason, it would be beneficial for you to have a lawyer on your side. Kassouni Law has attorneys with expertise in real estate litigation. We will work for fair compensation in your condemnation case. While the government is able to take your private property to use for public use, it is their legal obligation to compensate you fairly for your property. A California land use lawyer will help to ensure that happens.