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Land Use Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

Land Use Lawyer Los Angeles, CA 

What is an absolute NNN ground lease?

Land Use Lawyer Los Angeles, CA 

Kassouni Law includes a seasoned land use lawyer Los Angeles, CA individuals and businesses trust. We are familiar with all elements of land use law, including, but not limited to zoning, development, planning, construction, regulations, permits, environmental issues, appeals, and more. 

We work hard to maintain sound working relationships with decision makers at all levels: local, state, regional, and national. This ensures our clients have optimal representation in California land use matters. 

Land Use Laws and Regulations in California

In California, government regulations involving planning, zoning, developing, and the use of land continues to increase. This has also led to the need for public and private sector entities to utilize legal advocacy when seeking their objectives for land use. Many landowners, developers, investors, financial forms, and municipalities, turn to Kassouni Law for committed creative solutions that compliment ever-changing environments. 

We Have Resources You May Need

When you come to our land use law firm in Los Angeles, CA, with your land matters, please know that you will have access to our knowledgeable lawyers, as well as those experienced in related practice areas, such as environment, eminent domain, condemnation, litigation, real estate, appeals, and more. In addition to this we have external resources includer appraisers, assessors, investigators, accountants, expert witnesses, and so forth. These resources can be invaluable to your land use needs. 

Strategic Land Use Services

With any land use matter, it is essential that you practice strategic planning. Our land use lawyers in Los Angeles, CA are adept to this and offer a broad range of services that include long term planning, negotiating agreements, and structuring financial transactions. Some of our land use services at Kassouni Law include:

  • Annexation
  • Disconnection of property
  • Building and construction codes
  • Condemnation and inverse condemnation
  • Contracing
  • Homeowners and condominium associations
  • Environmental regulations
  • Sustainable development
  • Land use entitlements
  • Site development
  • Farming development
  • Oil, gas, and mineral rights
  • Record platting
  • Redevelopment and closure
  • Partnerships
  • Right of way issues
  • Tax incentives
  • Easements
  • Licenses
  • Covenants
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Zoning codes
  • Comprehensive planning

Mixed Use and Condominium Development 

Kassouni Law is well known for our condominium and mixed use development projects. This involves ongoing counsel to clients who are dealing with structuring, operations, and management. We act on behalf of cooperatives, condo associations, homeowners’ associations, community associations, umbrella associations, office developments, industrial developments, and more. 

Our lawyers are also happy to provide assistance to associations who require help with everyday tasks. Contract preparation, documentation, legal compliance, and the implementation of rules and regulations are just some things we are able to help with. If a disagreement or dispute arises, and can’t be resolved, we will be ready to litigate your matter. 

If you are ready to talk with a leading land use lawyer in Los Angeles, California, reach out to Kassouni Law now.

What is an absolute NNN ground lease?

As a land use lawyer Los Angeles, CA residents trust knows, investing in a NNN lease (also known as a triple net lease) property can provide a steady and reliable income. You may also know that there are various types of commercial NNN lease opportunities. But do you have a firm understanding of what an absolute NNN ground lease is and how it may be a beneficial investment for you?

How can Kassouni Law help me?

Kassouni Law can work with you to find an absolute NNN ground lease property for sale that matches your portfolio goals. For those interested in taking advantage of conservative, long-term return investments, an absolute NNN ground lease may be ideal. Below is information about them, but we encourage you to contact a Kassouni Law lawyer to learn more.

An absolute NNN ground lease is an agreement between a property’s tenant and the owner of that property. As part of the agreement, the tenant will lease the land with the intention of building a new structure. When the structure is in place, the tenant will own the building but not the land.

The tenant will be responsible for all of the costs and expenses related to the design, construction, and maintenance of the building on that land. However, the owner of the land is usually responsible for paying the land’s annual property taxes. An absolute NNN ground lease is typically long, lasting anywhere from 50 years to 99 years. Should the tenant ever default on the lease or if the lease term expires, the landowner takes ownership of the building as well as retaining ownership of the land.  In this event, a land use lawyer will likely be beneficial.

How does an absolute NNN ground lease compare to an absolute NNN lease?

  • An absolute NNN lease on a commercial building covers the building and not the land. The tenant is responsible for any expenses associated with the building, including taxes, repairs, maintenance, and insurance.
  • An absolute NNN ground lease on a commercial property applies only to the land. The tenant pays a monthly rental rate for the use of the owner’s land. Once the tenant has built a structure on the land, they will be responsible for the expenses associated with the building, including taxes, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. A Los Angeles, California land use lawyer can provide advice when entering a NNN ground lease agreement. 

What are the benefits of investing in an absolute NNN ground lease?

An absolute NNN ground lease can provide benefits to the tenant as well as for the landowner. Here is a shortlist of the advantages for the NNN ground lease investor:

  • Reliable monthly income stream. An absolute NNN ground lease offers the investor a reliable and fixed monthly income for as long as you own that property and have a tenant leasing it from you.
  • Low-risk investment. Because the tenant assumes all of the financial costs and risks of building and maintaining a structure on land owned by the investor, the investor collects rent but does not pay for anything.
  • Minimum or no management of the structure or costs, or the management of the tenant’s business.

What financial considerations should I be aware of for ground NNN leases?

Those who are looking to invest in a ground NNN lease must be mindful and always seek advice from a lawyer when questions arise. Ground leases are a form of NNN leases, and serve an imperative function for the development of real estate. Real estate owners who are looking to monetary on developable land but want to keep residual ownership interest, can enter a ground lease for the long-term.

In this way, the tenant will usually lease the land and construction and then sublease, itself operate, or essentially monetize the land for benefit. In exchange, the tenant can pay their landlord periodic rental payments or upfront in full for the lease term.

How will a lawyer protect my best interests as a landlord or tenant?

Kassouni Law represents renters and owners of commercial real estate. With our knowledge, we can help you feel confident about leasing issues pertaining to office, industrial, retail, flex space, single-tenant NNN, farmland, and ground leases. Our lawyers offer hands-on legal representation so that every step you take is going to be in your best interest.

If we take on your case, then this means we are aligned with your goals as our client. We can help draft, review, and negotiate leases for landlords, seeing to it that key elements are covered and that all parties understand their responsibilities and obligations under the lease.

We can address issues with tenant improvements, non-disturbance, subordination, and other such agreements. We can utilize various resolution strategies when it comes to co-tenancy, common area maintenance (CAM), NNN, reciprocal easements, and more. As our landlord or tenant, we realize that multi-tenant retail or office spaces have their own unique set of challenges. It is important to have a lawyer who is skilled in protecting their client’s rights, in addition to helping you get the maximum benefit out of a lease agreement.

We can guide our clients through corporate and personal guarantees, rent terms, ADA access laws, design modifications, industry-specific regulations, and any other topic that you have questions or concerns about for the commercial space. If you are a prospective tenant or current landlord then please contact Kassouni Law as soon as possible, so you can be aware of all your options (including the ones you may not have considered before).

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Land Use

When you are looking for help regarding real estate and the buying or selling of commercial property, you need the help of a Los Angeles, California land use lawyer. Whether you are purchasing land to build a property or buying a ready-made property for your business, real estate can be complicated and you want to make sure you have not forgotten anything when you are signing a contract. Especially when it comes to owning a property and renting it out to tenants, you want to ensure your legal documents have your best interests in mind. Want to see how we can help you? Call us now. 

I’m having a dispute regarding my property. Do I need to file a lawsuit?

If you are in a property dispute with another entity, you may be wondering if filing a lawsuit and going to court is the only option you have. When it comes to disputes between landlords and tenants or other property disputes (like boundaries), working with a lawyer can make the process easier. It may be possible to resolve the problem without needing to go to court which can save both parties time and money. If you and the other party are able to reach an agreement out of the court, litigation will not be necessary.

What kinds of things will a rental agreement outline between a landlord and a renter? 

When you enter into a rental agreement, there are a number of things that it should outline that will take care of both the renter and the landlord. It should discuss when payments are due, what kinds of action will be taken if payment is late, how long the agreement will last, who does the repairs on the property, and other rental issues. This kind of agreement can help make it clear who has certain responsibilities when it comes to the property. If the landlord or the renter does not abide by the contract, it may be possible to file a lawsuit. 

How mindful do I need to be with zoning when I am building on a property I have purchased? 

You may think that because you own a certain property you can do whatever you want on it. However, it is best to work with an attorney who can help ensure you do not run into zoning problems and who can make sure you abide by the laws and regulations of the local and state government. 

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