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Appeals Lawyer Sacramento, CA

Appeals Lawyer Sacramento, CA

When you need an appeals lawyer Sacramento, CA, look no further than Kassouni Law for legal guidance and help. 

If you are thinking about filing an appeal, you might have a number of different questions about the process. Even some of the most experienced law firms are unfamiliar with the appellate process – especially if they have never handled an appeals case. The following are some common questions about appealing cases in California. If you have any further questions, you can consult an appeals lawyer in Sacramento, CA by contacting Kassouni Law. 

Can Any Party Involved in the Case File an Appeal?

Yes, in general, either party can challenge an order or court ruling. The person who has chosen to file the appeal will be known as the appellant or petitioner. The other party is known as the appellee or respondent. 

What Cases Can Be Appealed?

As an appeals lawyer in Sacramento, California might explain to you, in most cases, any appealable ruling can be appealed. So, for example, this might include pre-trial rulings, post-judgement motions, orders, rulings, and final judgements. However, some appeals are discretionary, meaning the court has the right to decide whether it wants to review the case. This is especially true for cases that go before the United States Supreme Court. In addition, appeals must be filed timely to be considered. You may consider consulting an appeals lawyer to advise you of the deadlines for filing your appeal.

How Can An Appeal Be Filed?

In order to file an appeal, you will need to file a Notice of Appeal with the court. Once this is done, a petition with the Appellate Court must be filed. All related court records will need to be obtained as well. A Sacramento, CA appeals lawyer from Kassouni Law can help you with this process. 

How Long Do You Have to File an Appeal?

In general, you will have just 30 days to file an appeal. This begins from the date of the final judgement, order, ruling, or disposition of a motion. However, cases differ, to get sound legal advice, speak with an appeal lawyer to advise you of the exact deadlines as it pertains to your unique case. It is very important that you do not delay in filing an appeal. If you miss the deadline, you may lose your right for your case to be heard by the Appellate Court. 

Does the Court Need to Accept All Cases?

Some cases automatically have the right to be appealed regardless of the circumstances. Other cases are discretionary. Sometimes the strength of your petition, or reason for appeal, will determine whether or not your appeal will proceed through court. This means you should only choose a great appeals lawyer in Sacramento, CA, such as one from Kassouni Law.

What is an Appellate Brief?

A brief is the primary document that a judge will use to make a decision on your case. Included in the brief is an explanation to the court about your case, the errors of law you believe happened in your case,  and what you would like the Appellate Court to do. As a lawyer might tell you, the decision of the court might be solely based upon the brief. This means that an oral argument is not always allowed. Because of this, it is recommended that you retain an experienced appeals lawyer Sacramento, CA residents know and trust. Consider calling Kassouni Law