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Marin County, CA

The attorneys at Kassouni Law advocate for litigation and appellate clients in San Rafael and the larger Marin County area and throughout the state of California, by focusing on developing unique and creative legal strategies for clients. When necessary, the attorneys represent Marin County clients in the Marin County Superior Court, Federal Court, the Court of Appeals, Federal Court, the Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, and at California Coastal Commission hearings.

In representing San Rafael and Marin County clients, the Kassouni Law litigation and appellate lawyers offer advocacy and litigation in many areas of law including:

Property Rights: With the bounty of natural resources in the Marin area, the constitutional property rights attorneys at Kassouni Law have found that land owners rights in San Rafael and Marin County often get pushed aside for the purposes of preservation. While property rights and land use attorneys understand the need for preservation, they feel strongly that preservation is a burden that should not have to be shouldered by one, but by all. Thus, our land use practice exclusively represents business and property owners in government abuse cases. Managing attorney Timothy Kassouni started his career in land use and Constitutional property rights over 20 years ago. His involvement in many seminal Constitutional property rights legal matters has led to the setting of legal precedents throughout the state of California and the nation. If you wish to have your Constitutional property rights matter evaluated by one of California’s foremost land use attorneys, call us at 1-877-770-7379. Mr. Kassouni will speak with you personally.

Appeals: Our appellate attorney team offers sound legal advice when it comes to evaluating the costs of a client’s appeal and the chances of prevailing on appeal. This then enables the client and the appellate attorneys to develop a comprehensive and strategic legal approach to all appellate work done at Kassouni Law. The experienced appellate team at Kassouni Law represents clients on appeal in the California Court of Appeal, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court.

Constitutional: The attorneys at Kassouni Law believe that Constitutional rights and personal freedom are intertwined; it is our mission to rigorously defend your Constitutional rights against government and private abuse.

Business: Most importantly, the business lawyers strive to help clients stay out of court. Strategically, this is most often the best move to manage overall cost. But should the need arise, our attorneys have extensive experience in litigating a wide range of complex business matters. Call 1-877-770-7379 for an evaluation of your business matter.

Environmental: The attorneys at Kassouni Law have particular interest in representing clients in the environmental field of law. Through experience, they’ve seen enhanced government over-regulation throughout the state of California. This often comes at the expense of business, economical growth, and Constitutional rights. If you are experiencing challenges with the government over environmental issues and regulations, please call 1-877-770-7379 for an assessment of your legal matter.

Our headquarter office is located steps from the California Capitol Building at the Plaza Five Fifty Five building, Kassouni Law, 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 900, Sacramento, California, 95814. We are also able to meet with clients in the Los Angeles area at The Century Plaza Towers, Kassouni Law, 2029 Century Park East, 14th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Call the office of Kassouni Law at (877) 770-7379 for an appointment and for directions from any of the courthouses or your home or business.

Marin County Facts:

Located in the North San Francisco Bay Area of California, San Rafael and respectively Marin County is located across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Marin County is well known for its natural beauty, affluence, and political activism. The county is home to San Rafael, Muir Woods, the Marin Headlands, Stinson Beach, Point Reyes, National Seashore, and Mount Tamalpais.