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Environmental Land Issues lawyer California

Environmental Land Issues Lawyer California 

When you own property and land, you may come into situations where you need the help of an environmental land issues lawyer California residents rely on from Kassouni Law. If you own property or are building property, it is helpful to have an attorney on your side who is not only familiar with real estate and property law but environmental law as well. Without the help of an attorney, you may find that after you have poured money into a property it is breaking certain laws. This could mean expensive fines and having to get your property back up to code. Are you concerned about your property or do you want to speak with one of our attorneys when making a purchase? Call our office now. 

What does an environmental lawyer do?

When it comes to environmental law, a lawyer will be practiced in areas regarding hazardous materials and chemical materials, how to properly dispose of them, and what kinds of consequences a person may face when it comes to violating environmental laws. 

Someone is dumping hazardous material on my property. What can we do about this?

A neighbor or other individual does not have the right to dispose of their hazardous or chemical material on your property. You can speak with your land use lawyer California residents rely on regarding what you can do. Typically, you may have the necessary evidence to file a lawsuit against this individual or entity to have them compensate you for any damage they have done, clean up the materials, and compensate you for disposing of the items in the first place. 

What happens when someone is found guilty of violating these laws?

When someone violates environmental laws, they may have any combination of punishments, like fines, probation, imprisonment, or having their business shut down. 

What if someone is accusing me of violating these laws? What can I do?

One of the best things you can do is speak with a member of our team as soon as you can to determine what the best plan of action is. It is our job to know the laws surrounding environmental issues and we will be able to help you navigate the accusations made against you. 

Get the Help You Need Regarding Environmental Law

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