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Riley v. California — do police need a warrant to search a smart phone?

This case, decided on June 25, 2014 together with another entitled US v. Wurie, looked at whether police may, without a warrant, poke through digital information on a cell phone when someone is arrested during a traffic stop. At first blush, the Court appears to state that such a warrantless search is not permitted. But… Read more »

The Supreme Court’s Opinion in Lane v Franks Shows Why it is Time to Re-think Qualified Immunity

In 2008, Lane, a government employee was called to testify about acts of mail fraud and theft carried out by his fellow government employees.  Lane alleged that he was then fired by the government agency for which he worked in retaliation for his truthful testimony. This week, after years of costly litigation, the Supreme Court… Read more »

The Supreme Court’s Decision in Susan B Anthony List v Driehaus -a victory for Civil Rights Plaintiffs

Say that you need a permit to pursue your chosen occupation, but you believe that the costly administrative procedure to acquire said permit is unconstitutional. You have been ticketed for operating without a permit, and have every reason to believe that you will be ticketed again, but you have yet to be arrested and thrown… Read more »

Kassouni Law Appeals Decision Undermining Proposition 3

Can the government retake just compensation that it was required to pay a property owner for a taking of private property if the property owner doesn’t use the compensation fast enough? Can a mere statute amend the California Constitution? The obvious answer to these questions is no. Yet, it is precisely these questions that are… Read more »