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Sacramento Property Law Lawyer

Sacramento Property Law Lawyer Real Estate Lawyer Sacramento, CA

If you are involved in a legal matter involving real estate or property, our Sacramento property law lawyers would like to help you. Kassouni Law has decades of experience in handling legal-related property matters of all complexities. To explore how a legal advocate may help you, call our firm, Kassouni Law, today. 

Californias’ property rights laws cover a number of issues that include, but are not limited to the use and value of the property. When you are facing issues related to development planning, your property rights, property damage, or more, you should consult a Sacramento property law lawyer. 

These types of cases can vary greatly depending on the type of property, as well as what rights have been violated, and the party that is being accused of violating that right. These cases tend to be extremely difficult to navigate particularly because of the intricate laws of California, as well as, the interested parties involved. In general, you will want qualified property law lawyers who are ready to dedicate their time to developing a comprehensive strategy, and to establish or defend liability. 

Understanding California Property Law

In California, the rights of property owners are broad. They include enjoying the use of the land without having that use intereffered upon by neighboring properties. Property rights laws fall within a number of categories, including:

  • Land use laws
  • Eminent domain
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Purchase and sale
  • Environmental rights
  • + more

At Kassouni Law, we have assisted clients with matters related to:

Zoning and Land Use DIsputes

Properties require various permits to carry out different developments of the property. Zoning variances are also required. A number of properties in California will need to pass strict environmental regulations that fall within the California Environmental Quality Act. In the event that the inspection does not pass, and there are contamination or breach issues, a property may be required to undergo an extensive remediation. As a Sacramento property law lawyer, we can help to obtain the necessary permits and inspections that will free you to develop the property in a way you are wishing for. 

Eminent Domain 

Under both California and the United States Constitution, government agencies are permitted to acquire primate property by eminent domain. This is a type of “forced sale”  of a private property to the government for a specific use of land or development of a project. In these laws the respective agency must also provide fair and just compensation to the owner of the property. 

As a real estate lawyer Sacramento, CA has to offer, we are able to hire knowledgeable appraisers who can ensure a fair evaluation of the property. By taking these steps, the owner of the property can feel peace of mind in knowing they will be fairly compensated. 

Inverse Condemnation – It is possible for a government agency to not take a property under eminent domain, but they will be responsible for compensating the property owner if a public works project damages the property in any way. An example of damage could include:

Physical: Flood damage, a landslide, a fire, etc.

Economic: An agency expressed interest in acquiring a private property, but then delayed in taking the necessary further steps which resulted in a decrease in property value. 

As a Sacramento property law lawyer who understands inverse condemnation, we are ready to ascertain to the value of the damage and prepare a strategy that fully demonstrates liability and the loss of value. 

To learn more about your rights as a property owner in California, please call a Sacramento property law lawyer today.