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Seizure of the Barries’ Colorado Dream Cabin Shows How Arbitrary and Nasty the Power of Eminent Domain Can Be

In 2011, Andy and Ceil Barrie bought their dream cabin in Colorado. They had previously been residents of Chicago, but with the kids off to college they purchased the century-old cabin with hopes of using it as empty-nesters. The cabin is in a beautiful location, nestled amongst the trees and slopes of the White River… Read more »

Property Reserve v. Superior Court: A Win for California Property Owners

In a pleasant surprise for property owners in California, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled last week in Property Reserve v Superior Court that the state must initiate eminent domain proceedings before it can drill and fill bore holes on private property. The issues in the case were fairly straightforward, but may have larger… Read more »

California Cities May Soon Snub the Constitution by Seizing Underwater Mortgages an Overview by Sacramento Property Rights Lawyers

For many in California the 2008 housing crisis never ended. Currently, thousands of California homeowners are behind or struggling to make mortgage payments on homes that simply are not worth what they agreed to pay when they took out their mortgage. To accommodate these unfortunate circumstances, a distressing number of California cities are now contemplating… Read more »