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SCOTUS Rolls Back Deference to Administrative Agencies, but Doesn’t Kill Auer…yet.

Last week, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Kisor v. Wilkie.  As the property rights lawyers discussed on this blog before the decision came out, the case generated a lot of interest because it presented an opportunity for the Court to overturn “Auer Deference”—a doctrine of interpretation that requires courts to defer to agency… Read more »

Appellate Attorneys Review Horne v. Department of Agriculture

            The Agriculture Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 allows the United States Secretary of Agriculture to establish “marketing orders” to ensure stability in a variety of agricultural markets. The marketing order requiring raisin growers to turn over a percentage of their crop to the government free of charge is an allocation… Read more »

Horne v. Department of Agriculture is About More than Just Raisins and Free Markets

Condemnation law can be a tricky affair. But, until recently, there was one solid rule you could rely on: if the government physically takes possession of someone’s property, it’s generally a taking, and the government  has to pay the owner. You will notice we noted “until recently.” The United States Supreme Court will soon have the… Read more »