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SCOTUS Rolls Back Deference to Administrative Agencies, but Doesn’t Kill Auer…yet.

Last week, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Kisor v. Wilkie.  As the property rights lawyers discussed on this blog before the decision came out, the case generated a lot of interest because it presented an opportunity for the Court to overturn “Auer Deference”—a doctrine of interpretation that requires courts to defer to agency… Read more »

Safety Tips for Construction Zone Driving

If you live in an urban or fast-growing area, it may seem as though there is constant construction being done on the road. Road closures, narrower lanes, detours, and equipment in the roadway can make driving even more challenging than usual. It’s no wonder accidents are common in construction zones. You can’t control what other… Read more »

Can Heirs Bring a Survival Action?

Land use attorneys in Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA

When someone loses their life, their families are understandably devastated. However, when the death is due to the negligence of another, it can seem unbearable. The law gives heirs a way to recover damages in circumstances like these. The most commonly known is wrongful death. In a wrongful death action, the family seeks compensation for… Read more »

The Role of a Collections Attorney

Land use attorneys in Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA

Have you ever been in a position where you got behind in your bills and couldn’t pay on time? Or maybe you’ve been on the other side and struggled with accounts receivable issues. Both situations can be frustrating, especially when you’re doing your best to be responsible. A collections attorney can work with either party… Read more »

When Cities and Counties Record a Violation Notice on Private Property

Land use attorneys in Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA

In recent years local governments have ramped up their investigation and prosecution of private property owners who allegedly have in place non-permitted structures on their property. Frequently the government records violation notices, or “red tags,” in the recorder’s office listing the alleged zoning violations. The effect can be catastrophic for property owners, who cannot refinance… Read more »

California Coastal Commission Loses Its Land Grab In Orange County; Racks Up Another Due Process Violation

Land use attorneys in Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA

The California Court of Appeal in Southern California recently prevented the California Coastal Commission from once again imposing draconian permit conditions in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which provides that private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. The case is Bay Island Club v. California… Read more »

United States Supreme Court Agrees to Review Case Involving Government Flooding of Property

Land use attorneys in Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles, CA

In a rather unique twist, a governmental entity–the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission–brought suit against the United States in the Court of Federal Claims, on the ground that six years of periodic flooding during the sensitive growing season by the Army Corps of Engineers destroyed 18 million board feet of timber and left habitat unable… Read more »