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The Role of a Collections Attorney

Have you ever been in a position where you got behind in your bills and couldn’t pay on time? Or maybe you’ve been on the other side and struggled with accounts receivable issues. Both situations can be frustrating, especially when you’re doing your best to be responsible. A collections attorney can work with either party in these scenarios. It’s important to understand when you might need one and how a lawyer can help.


For the Consumer

Financial challenges can come to just about anyone at various times in life. Medical issues, job losses, and other reductions in income can make it difficult to stay current on bills. Despite your best efforts, it may be impossible to make credit card or installment payments by the due date. If you get behind, the creditor will start calling, asking for the money. You may receive emails or letters from the company. If it gets to the point where you feel as though the creditor is harassing you or using excessive means to collect your money, a collections attorney can help. Your lawyer can negotiate with the company to reduce your payments or modify the payment schedule. Taking these steps can help you protect your credit and avoid legal action from the creditor. A collections attorney has the experience and skill to be your advocate, regardless of the amount you owe and the type of creditor you’re dealing with.


For the Creditor

While some customers are well-meaning individuals trying to make honest payments, others may simply ignore creditors with no intention of bringing their accounts current. When customers become habitually late and notoriously delinquent, the creditor may need some assistance. Non-paying customers may not react to communication from the creditor, but involving an attorney who threatens a lawsuit is more likely to get results. Collections attorneys may offer payment options for delinquent customers but will also explain the seriousness of the issue.


How to Choose an Attorney

Regardless of whether you’re a consumer or a creditor, choosing the right collections attorney is vital. Look for a firm that specializes in collections and that has a proven track record helping clients like you. Read online reviews and choose a reputable lawyer. You can also identify a few options near you and then interview the candidates.


A lawyer can bring you financial relief as a consumer and help bring your accounts current as a company. You don’t have to fight this challenging battle alone.