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Safety Tips for Construction Zone Driving

If you live in an urban or fast-growing area, it may seem as though there is constant construction being done on the road. Road closures, narrower lanes, detours, and equipment in the roadway can make driving even more challenging than usual. It’s no wonder accidents are common in construction zones. You can’t control what other drivers will do, but you can do your part to drive safely. Following some basic construction zone driving tips can spare you from suffering an injury behind the wheel.

Slow Down and Obey the Speed Limit
It should go without saying that you should not speed under any driving conditions, but it’s especially critical when there is construction in the area. Usually speed limits will be lower than normal when crews are working on the road or in areas nearby. These aren’t suggestions; they’re the law. If a construction crew member is holding a flag, waving for you to slow down, do so immediately. Construction zones present challenging driving conditions anyway, so adding excessive speeds will only increase your chances of getting into an accident. Keep in mind, there could be workers within a few feet of where you’re driving.

Keep a Safe Distance Between You and the Car in Front of You
Construction zones often require you to stop suddenly, turn sharply, or change lanes quickly. If you’re too close to the car in front of you, you could end up rear-ending the vehicle. Speeds through these zones can also change, so give yourself enough room and time to lower your speed. In normal conditions, you should stay at least two seconds behind a car in front of you. In a construction zone, it’s wise to make it three.

Avoid It in the First Place
It may not always be possible to stay away from construction zones. Your destination may require you to drive that way, or you might not realize there’s construction in the area until it’s too late to turn back. However, do all you can to take a different route. Use real-time apps to find out where construction zones are so you can be aware of them ahead of time.

Be Patient
Many drivers could avoid collisions if they’d exercise a little more patience. Realize that construction will probably cause some delays. You may even have to sit in traffic longer than usual. Take a breath and stay calm. Some minor or moderate inconveniences are a lot better than getting into an accident.

Follow these tips so you and your passengers can safely navigate construction zones.  If you or someone you love do happen to get into an accident, though, contact an automobile accident lawyer to help you with your case.